Seniors’ Tax Credit for Increased Municipal Taxes

The Québec government has established a subsidy program to support seniors who are facing an increase in their tax bill due to a higher than average increase in their property value. The amount of the subsidy may be up to $500. You may be eligible for this subsidy if you meet the following conditions:
  • You were 65 or more on December 31, 2021
  • Your family income for 2021 does not exceed $54,700
  • You have owned the property for at least 15 consecutive years
  • You live in a building with just one dwelling that is your principal residence
  • Your residence has increased in value at least 7.5% more than the average increase for single-dwelling buildings in the municipality; for the Canton of Hatley, the percentage increase required for the subsidy is 13.74%.
If your property is eligible, we will send you the Amount of the Potential Grant to Offset a Municipal Tax Increase form, which will show the amount you may receive. This tax credit will be granted when you file your Québec income tax return. To obtain the form and additional information, please go to the Revenu Québec website.