Before lighting a fire, you must obtain authorization from the municipality.  The fire permit is free and may be obtained by phone 819-842-2977, the same day you make the fire and on Fridays for the weekend.  The height and diameter of a fire should be limited to 2 meters.


When lighting a fire:

  • Burning of waste is prohibited, except for branches, trees and leaves
  • The site must be enclosed, with rocks for example
  • The flames should not exceed 2 meters in height or width
  • The fire must not be left without supervision
  • A fire extinguisher, water source or hose should be available at all times


The fire permit is usually given in accordance with the level of forest fire danger updated daily by the Société de protection contre les feux de forêt (SOPFEU) or based on a local directive given by the fire chief.

Normally, when the fire danger is low or moderate we allow fires.  When the danger is high or extreme, fires are not allowed.