Parc régional Massawippi

The Parc régional Massawippi regroups the five municipalities around Lake Massawippi.  Its objective is to share resources on regional concerns such as lake Massawippi management, environmental issues, and economic development.

The five municipalities making up the Parc régional Massawippi are Ayer’s Cliff, Canton de Hatley, North Hatley and Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley.

A few of the files managed by the Parc régional Massawippi

  • financial aid request from non-profit organizations around the lake.  These organizations include : the lake Massawippi protection association, the lake Massawippi region historical society,  Sentier Massawippi and the lake Massawippi his hand game club;
  • the reconstruction of the lake Massawippi dam;
  • management of lake Massawippi regulations concerning boats and protection from zebra mussels.