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List of accepted organic materials for the brown bin

From the kitchen :
* Fruits and vegetables (full, peels, cores, pieces, corn cobs, etc.);
* Coffee grains, coffee filters and tea bags;
* Bread, cake, cookies, cereals, pasta;
* Cooked meat, fish, fish bones, sea food shells, poultry and bones;
* Milk products (cheese, butter, etc.);
* Egg shells.
From the yard :
* Grass (the ideal is still to leave the grass on the ground after cutting it);
* Dead leaves
* Flowers, plants, weeds and all gardening residues
* Bark, wood shavings and saw dust, roots.
Others :
* Pet litter;
* Paper and cardboard soiled by food; (napkin, paper towel, pizza box, etc.);
* Cold ashes (fire out for 7 days);
* Feathers, fur and hair;
* Dust from the dryer.

👉 Compost, how and why?

Checklist and tips for collecting compostable materials

• Composter sans bougonner c’est tellement simple

• Composter sans bougonner – les vers

• L’ABC du bac – les matières organiques

List of accepted recyclable materials

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Materials accepted at the ecocentres

City of Sherbrooke ecocenters
Residents have free access to the Sherbrooke ecocenters.  Proof of residence may be required.  For information about accepted materials and opening hours, please consult the web site.

👉 Ville de Sherbrooke

Écocentre Michel-Ledoux
1000, rue Léon-Trépanier
(accès by Lavigerie)
Fleurimont burrough
Information : 819 822-6010

Écocentre Rose-Cohen
365, rue Pépin
(access by boul. de Portland or by boul. Industriel)
Jacques-Cartier burrough
Information : 819 822-6033

Coaticook (Barnston ecocenter)
Please take note that the materials accepted and rates at the eco-centre are subject to change without notice by the Régie intermunicipale de gestion des déchets solides de la région de Coaticook (RIGDSRC).  To be properly informed, we suggest that you contact the Régie directly at 1-877-535-9479.

Large items accepted

* Household articles (furniture, mattresses, appliances, television)
* Rolled carpet (max. 1m)
* Bicycles
* Branches (max 1m2)

Hazardous waste deposit accepted

* paints, varnishes, stain, solvants
* herbicides, insecticides
* propane tanks, aerosol sprays
* pool products
* used oils and filters
* vehicle batteries, batteries
* electronic and computer equipment
* fluorescents