Pick up calendar

Instructions for residual waste pick-ups

  • The bins must be taken out from 7 p.m. the day before pick-up or before 6 a.m. the same day, and removed from the roadside no later than 9 p.m. the day of pick-up.
  • Collections take place between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. but times may change during the day without notice.
  • Your bins must be placed inside your driveway, that is to say before the curb.
  • Point the handle and the wheels towards your residence and leave a clearance of 1 meter between each bin.

Since November 2019, the Municipality of Canton de Hatley has changed the frequency of its collections of organic materials and ultimate waste for the winter months. From November to March, the brown bin collection is increased to twice a month and the black bin collection is reduced to once a month.

The purpose of these changes is to promote the recovery of residual materials and reduce waste for landfilling. The fundamental objective of the Quebec residual materials management policy is that “The only residual material disposed of in Quebec is the ultimate residue”.

Snow removal

During a snowfall, snow removal takes at least 4 hours to clear the entire area with snowplow trucks. Usually, if the snow falls during the night, the snow removal teams begin their routes around 4 a.m. to finish the main roads around 8 a.m. and the entire territory around 10 a.m. A second tour is done if necessary before the return of the school buses or in the early evening.

Everyone’s collaboration is essential to help our teams work with maximum efficiency. Please respect the night parking ban, remove your bins from the road no later than 9 p.m. on collection day, be vigilant when traveling, on foot or by car, near snow removal vehicles and remain visible to operators. Thank you for your collaboration !

Thank you to the City of Austin and the City of St-Lazare and its Communications Department for the production of this video.