Fire prevention visits

Following the coming into force of the Safety Cover Plan for fire protection, the Municipality of Canton de Hatley has the obligation to proceed with fire prevention visits of every residence, business and industry on its territory.

Points of interest during a prevention visit are the following:

  • Smoke detectors: the smoke detectors are required by municipal law. During the fire prevention visit, all smoke detectors will be verified.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors: the sources of carbon monoxide being numerous, it is recommended to install some carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Electrical installations: many fires can be avoided by a few simple precautions, proper installation and the safe use of electrical appliances.
  • Heating appliances: fires caused by heating appliances are often the result of inadequate or improper installation, or a lack of maintenance of the heating system or chimney.
  • Other verifications like smoking paraphernalia, fire extinguishers, propane and the storage of flammable products, cooking appliances.

The entire municipality is visited over a 5 year period.

You will find much information concerning Public security on the Ministère de la Sécurité publique web site.

Red Cross
The municipality of Canton de Hatley has an agreement with the Canadian Red Cross for humanitarian assistance to people in cases of emergencies and disasters. The cost for the municipality is $0.15 per capita. In 2014, the cost to municipality was $410. Red Cross services include:
– a 24 hour 7 day alert system and call center
– human resources (volunteers) to help organize and dispense services to people affected by disasters
– material resources (cots, blankets, pillows, hygiene kits) when disasters hit
How to become a Red Cross volunteer
You may complete an application online (French Only) or download the application form and send it to or call 1 877 356-3226.

Fire protection

Canton de Hatley is covered by two fire protection organizations:

In January 2018, the Régie intermunicipale de prévention et de protection incendie Memphrémagog Est was created. It currently serves 10 municipalities on the territory’s of the MRC de Magog and Coaticook: Hatley, Hatley Township, North Hatley, St. Catherine de Hatley, Ayer’s Cliff, Stanstead, Stanstead Township, Stanstead East, Ogden, Barnston West

The Régie is also:
? 4 Stations (North Hatley, Stanstead Township, Ayer’s Cliff and Stanstead)
? 1 full time director ? 4 battalion chiefs in part-time operations
? 100 firefighters and officers on call
To join us: Phone: 819-838-5877 ext. 204
Director: Éric Richard

Allatt, avenue
Beaudette, chemin
Campbell, chemin
Cardinal, chemin
Dean, chemin
Dubé, chemin
Duport, chemin
Érablière, chemin de l’
Gosselin, chemin
Goyer, chemin
Guillemette, chemin
Hatley Acres, chemin de
Hatley Centre, chemin de
Highland, chemin
Hill, chemin
Hodgson, chemin
Jackson Heights, rue
Kingdom, chemin
Lac, chemin du
Lakeview, chemin
Lapointe, Montée
Laprise, chemin
Lavallée, chemin
Leslie, avenue
Lindskou, avenue
McDougall, chemin
McFarland, chemin
McKinven, Montée
Méandres, rue des
Meigs, chemin
Minton Hill, chemin
Montminy, chemin
Montplaisir, chemin
Murray, avenue
North, chemin
Sherbrooke, chemin
Sommet Gardner, chemin du
Sterling, avenue
Swede, chemin
Université, chemin de l’

2) Le service de protection contre les incendies de la ville de Sherbrooke protects the northern part of the municipality.
Roads covered:
Albert-Mines, chemin
Bel-Horizon, chemin
Belvédère, rue
Bergeron, rue
Boisé, rue du
Capelton, chemin
Cèdres, rue des
Chaumière, rue de la
Chêne-Rouge, rue du
Dunant, chemin
Écuyer, rue de l’
Eustis, chemin
Fuller, chemin
Haskell Hill, chemin
Hollenbeck, chemin
Horsefall, chemin
MacDonald, chemin
Manège, rue du
Maple, rue
Parc, rue du
Perdrière, rue de la
Ritournelle, rue de la
Rodgers, chemin
Sellier, rue du
Smerdon, chemin
Smith, chemin
Stafford, rue
Thomas, rue
White, chemin

Canton de Hatley is covered by the Sûreté du Québec.

4080, rue Sherbrooke
Magog (Québec) J1X 3W5

Emergency : 310-4141
Information : 819 868-3666
Collect calls are accepted for residents of Canton de Hatley (in necessary).

Opening hours :
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to friday