Hall rentals

Hall rentals at the town hall

Hall rentals on municipal premises is suspended until further notice.

Given the current state of health emergency and the constantly evolving measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the municipality does not currently rent halls or take reservations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Council hall
The council hall, located behind the main entrance of the Town Hall, is spacious and has bathrooms for men and women. It is used for council meetings and municipal activities such as public consultations.  It is available to residents and non-residents.

Available to residents and non-residents
Capacity : 75-125 (depending on use)

Bistro hall
Bar like hall, not renovated but interesting with possibility of renting in conjunction with the council hall.

Available to residents and non-residents
Capacity : 75-125 (depending on use)

Community center hall with full kitchen
The community center, located in the basement, is equipped with a kitchen, a coat room, bathrooms for men and women and eventually a piano. It is used for municipal activities like the day camp but is also be available to rent for Canton de Hatley residents.

Available to residents only
Capacity : 75-125 (depending on use)

For a day or a weekend event

Possibility of renting two (2) rooms (Council hall and Bistro)

Hall rentals rates 2020