Lake Massawippi

North Hatley Marina

240 Mill Street, North Hatley
819 572-0357

(North Hatley municipal wharf, limited access – inquire at the marina)

Free parking with vignettes (user certificate)
Free trailer descent ($ 15 without sticker)
Free washing ($ 30 for non-resident, $ 5 for canoe / kayak non-resident)

Boat stickers (annual user certificate for Lake Massawippi)
Vignettes of boats are available at Town Hall in Canton Hatley. You must present your Transport Canada boat license for a motorized boat and proof of residence.

Sticker prices
Motor boat (resident): $ 40
Boat without motor (resident): $ 5

Motorboat (non-resident): $ 350
Non-resident motorless boat (canoe, kayak, etc.) $ 5

Learn more about the danger of zebra mussels

La moule zébrée – Ministère Forêts, Faune et Parcs

Protect our fresh

Boating regulations

New wave concerning boating activities – pdf

Video concerning good boating practices

A few web sites of interest concerning lake Massawippi:

Pêche QC, un nouveau blogue dédié à la pêche, serait une initiative ayant vue le jour ici même au Canton de Hatley!

Pêche Qc – truite arc-en-ciel du Massawippi

Pêche Qc – truite grise

Pêche Qc – pêcher sur le lac Massawippi

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Lac Massawippi – description Wikipedia

Guide de pêche au lac Massawippi – Hugues Sébire

Guide de pêche lac Massawippi

Carte de la Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs

North Hatley beach

2070 chemin du Lac, North Hatley

Following an agreement with the Village of North Hatley, Canton de Hatley residents now have access to North Hatley beach at the same conditions as North Hatley residents.

Access to the beach is free for residents. You must get a membership card with photo for each family member at the Municipality of North Hatley Village: 3125 Capelton Road / 819 842-2754

Massawippi marina & beach

473, rue Main, Ayer’s Cliff

On rainy days, the boat wash in available only by reservation
Parking $ 5
Trailer boat launch $ 15
Boat washing: free with season sticker (without a lake Massawippi boat sticker : $ 20, $ 5 for canoe or kayak)

Massawippi beach
Free access – parking 5 $

Tomifobia Massawippi watershed filter

Here is the Lake Massawippi water protection association ‘s Tomifobia Massawippi watershed filter project.