Canton de Hatley obtains the 2014 Mérite Municipal

The Canton has received a most prestigious prize.  The Mérite Municipal is given each year to those to persons or organizations for their exceptional contribution to the well-being and development of their municipality.  The prize is in recognition of the municipality’s environmental commitments demonstrated by concrete acts of its Environment committee, its sustainable development approach and in the words of the Ministère,…that saw through a participatory process of planning and long term interventions for all economic development, social and  environmental activities.

Mérite municipal_membres

The municipality was honored last week at the Québec National Assembly by the Municipal affairs minister, Mr Pierre Moreau.  The Canton de Hatley distinguished itself as it was chosen by a jury made up of the Union of Quebec Municipalities , the Federation of Québec municipalities and the Ministry of municipal affairs, for municipalities of 25000 residents or less.  The prize was obtained thanks to the work of the Environment committee.  The committee was created in March 2005, under the presidency of Mr Jacques Bogenez and the then Mayor Mr Pierre Levac.  Its objective was to make recommendations to council and to improve the collective quality of life of residents  Its actions have had a snowball effect for many residents.  The committee continues to carry out its mission successfully.


To give you an idea of the many accomplishments of the committee, here is a partial list:

  • Cleaning the Massawippi river of many tons of waste
  • Cleaning the road ditches of litter, about 70 km covered
  • Light pollution: automatically replace all public lights with appropriate lights
  • Reduce the frequency of garbage pick up, form once a week to once every two weeks
  • Setting up of a green patrol to create awareness (refrigerator magnet) and composting (2006 pilot project before the use of the brown bin, subsidies for home composting machines with 175 families participating)
  • Biannual distribution of the compost from organic waste collection
  • At the Town Hall: recycling, composting, rechargeable battery collection and ink cartridge collection
  • By-law against vehicle motor idling
  • Following a paper-free council, much news is on the web site, reducing the number of paper publications per year
  • Subsidies for parents buying washable diapers for newborns
  • Annual distribution of trees (1000 to 1500) and plants for the lake shore
  • 10 conferences on environmental topics such as : “L’eau sale ce n’est pas normal, Recette minceur pour la poubelle au régime, Rendre son quotidien plus vert,  Oiseaux, Maisons LEEDS, Culture bio”, etc.
  • Visits of lakeside properties to inform owners about shores and erosion
  • Creation of an environmental chart and a welcome kit for new residents
  • Creation of a reusable bag with the Canton logo made of organic denim through a youth rehabilitation program and distribution of this bag to new owners
  • Annual Family Day is ecologically responsible
  • Many by-laws adopted to better manage septic systems, ditches, tree cutting, etc.
  • Participation in an MTQ pilot project for the eradication of ragweed
  • Eco-center project


The CCE is very active and works hard to promote awareness in the population through individual actions (that eventually become collective ones) and of the benefits of environmental responsibility.  More than half of council members have been members of the Environment committee which contributed to their wish to serve in a more concrete was as councillors.   It also contributed to develop council’s sustainable development view.


As committee president, I would like to thank all committee members who have contributed, by their work and devotion, to make this prize possible: Danièle Coté, , Danielle Masse, Nancy Beatty, Sylvie Masse, Marie Dorais, Martine Pariseau, Magali Brondel, Mia Pascale, and Michel Garand, Mark Macleod, Jean Claude Favreau, David Mc Bride, David Wright, councillors Sylvie Cassar and Vincent Fontaine and a special thanks to mayor martin Primeau, who was committee president for more than seven years.  Finally, a very special thanks to Mr Pierre Levac, then mayor, who was there for the creation of the committee and who gave it its wings in terms of budgetary support.


Yes, the Canton is a municipality that is decidedly «green» and it will continue its mission in the coming years as there are still many great projects and  challenges ahead!


Jacques Bogenez
Conseiller Municipal
Président Comité Consultatif en Environnement

Committee creation

The environment committee was established to generate ideas, by the citizens, for the municipality and to put those ideas into action.  The committee’s mandate is to find sinple, fast efficient, short or long term solutions to environmental problems that can be addressed on a local level.











Annual cleaning up of the Massawippi river with the Marine cadets


Nettoyage annuel de la rivière Massawippi en collaboration avec les cadets de la Marine (depuis 2011).

Financial aid program for washable diapers

Parents of children under 2 years old that choose washable diapers will receive a refund of 50% of the purchase cost of a diaper kit (minimum 15 diapers), up to 250 $
Who can benefit from this refund?
All families with children under two (2) years old and residing in Canton de Hatley.  One financial aid per child.

How to benefit from this policy?
Buy a washable diaper kit (minimum 15 diapers).

a) Present the following documents to the Town hall, during the current year (before December 31st)  

  1. the original bill of the diaper kit (any brand or store)
  2. child proof of birth;
  3. proof of residence (tax bill, lease, etc.) ;
  4. identification with photo (driver’s license, health card).

b) Fill out and sign the refund form.  The municipality will send you a cheque representing 50% of the cost of the diaper kit, up to a maximum of 250 $.


Don’t throw away your batteries

You may dispose of your household batteries at the Town Hall.  There is a special container in the entrance.  Please protect the postive end with tape or plastic wrap.  Batteries are also accepted at the eco-center and during the Hazardous waste collection.



Always looking for environmentally friendly habits, the committe is proud to offer residents the Envirobag.  The bag is made of high quality denim (blue jean) and is nideal for groceries and other articles.  For only 5 $ for residents and 10 $ for non residents,  The bags are available at the municipal office.  It is produce in cooperation with the Carrefour jeunesse emploi in Magog, as a youth job program.