For any information about by-laws for builsding, zoning, lot subdivsion or permits, please send an email to or contact Mr Éric Gravel at 819-842-2977.

By-law 2020-02 concerning contract management

By-law 2020-01 taxes

By-law 2019-07 septic tank cleaning

By-law 2019-04 Zebra mussels

By-law 2019-02 council remuneration

2019 budget and taxes by-law

By-law 2018-04 public notices

By-law 2018-02 concerning address signposts

By-law 2018-01 budget & taxes

By-law concerning access to the road (driveway entrance)

By-law concerning access to the road (sketch)

By-law 2017-03 protection of water sources

By-law 2017-02 concerning zebra mussels (amending by-law 2014-18)

By-law  2017-01 concerning 2017 budget and taxes

By-law 2016-15 concerning the use of drinking water

By-law 2016-14 concerning working capital

By-law 2016-09 concerning the code of ethics for employees

By-law 2016-04 concerning financing of the 9-1-1 service

By-law 2015-14 authorizing the renovation of 4765 Capelton

By-law 2015-12 concerning heavy vehicles

By-law 2015-07 concernant speed limits

By-law 2014-19 concerning working capital

By-law 2014-18 concerning zebra mussels

By-law 2014-02 concerning the code of ethics for elected officials

By-law 2011-03 concerning municipal works (amending by-law 2009-08)

By-law 2010-09 concerning garage sales

By-law 2010-08 concerning idling

By-law 2010-02 concerning pay for council members

By-law 2009-08 concerning municipal works

By-law 2008-20 concerning fees charged to quarries and sans pits

By-law 2006-08 concerning animals

By-law 2003-02 concing cleaning of septic tanks