Large ultimate waste items

Large items are collected once a year, towards the end of August

Large items include:

  • Sofas, couches, armchairs
  • Child’s car seat
  • Carpet, carpet underlay, linoleum (rolled in length of 1 m max)
  • Tarp (rolled or folded)
  • Pool cover (rolled or folded in pieces of 1 m max)
  • Fiberglass (canoe, shower, etc. in pieces of 1 m max)
  • Storm drains (in pieces of 1 m max)

Items in a trailer will not be picked up. Accumulated surplus garbage will not be accepted. Refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances containing halocarbons, tires, electronics, household hazardous waste and construction, renovation or demolition materials are not accepted and must be brought directly to the ecocenter. 

Metal pick-up
You can put large metal objects by the side of the road the week before the large ultimate waste pick-up. However, if they are not collected, you must take them to the ecocenter (materials refused in large ultimate waste pick-up).

Materials accepted at Sherbrooke ecocentres:

Accepted materialsExamples
FurnitureMattresses, wooden furniture
Sports equipmentBikes, tricycles, children’s bikes, scooters, golf clubs, skis
Household appliancesRefrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, air conditioner, washer, dishwasher, dryer, stove, fountain, cooler and water dispenser
Small appliancesBarbecue, kettle, pressure cooker, food processor, razor, hairdryer, blender, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, iron, ironing board, toaster, bathroom scale
Electronic appliancesComputer, TV, screen, tablet, radio, audio player, electronic toy, UPS power system, charger
Wood• Painted, treated, reusable or from pallets
• Furniture
• Branches, logs, pruning residues and trunks
VariousCoolers, books
Construction, renovation or demolition materialsWindows, planks, mirror, asphalt shingles, gypsum, chipboard or aluminum siding, insulation board, wood fiber board, wood chip board, door, patio door, treated wood, plywood, ceramic and tile, pallet in wood
Granular materialsAsphalt, stone, brick, concrete, rock, sand and uncontaminated earth
Recyclable materials Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal containers
Textile materialsClothing, rags, sheets, towels, comforters, quilts, fabric curtains, fabrics, fabric tablecloths
Metal objectsSteel and cast iron bathtub, metal shelf, filing cabinet, metal chair, water heater
Gardening and soil maintenance toolsLawn mower, leaf blower, snow blower, chainsaw, small engine
Electrical tools and accessories for constructionDrill, saw, table saw, generator, sander, pump, ladder and stepladder, grinder, etc.
TiresCar tires with or without rims, light truck tires, bicycle tires without rims
Garden or raking wasteDead leaves, plants, peat, grass and small branches
Hazardous household waste (HHW)Aerosol, light bulbs, paint stripper, paint, oil, solvent, tar, pesticides, batteries, propane, vehicle batteries, etc.

Materials not accepted at Sherbrooke ecocentres:

Not Accepted MaterialsWhat to do?
PCBs and cyanidesContact the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques at 819 820-3882.
Sofas and armchairsIf reusable, contact a charity. If not reusable, use the bulky ultimate waste collection.
Animal carcassesContact Cremanimo at 819 347-3434 or Recuperation Maillé at 819 847-4907.
Household wastePut them in the black bin for ultimate waste or Go to the landfill.
Radioactive or biomedical wasteObtain a free safe container from a pharmacy or a CLSC and return it after use.
Storm drains, fiberglass and acrylic (showers, canoes, etc.), child car seats, carpets, linoleum (linoleum) and underlay, tarpaulin, pool liner, vinyl, PVS and ABSUse the bulky ultimate waste collection or Go to the landfill.
Insulating materialsGo to the landfill.
Tires for vehicles other than automobilesGo to a specialized garage.
Explosive productsGo to the Sûreté du Québec.
Hazardous residues of commercial or industrial originContact Véolia Environnement, 819 822-1820.
Contaminated earthContact Englobe, 819 829-0101.