Resources – COVID-19

To know everything about the coronavirus

Provincial government:

Federal government:

Wearing a mask or a face covering in public settings

Wearing a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory in enclosed or partially enclosed public places for people age 12 and over. When you wear a mask or a face covering in public, you must also follow other safety measures, such as hygiene. A face shield may not be worn instead of a mask or face covering. For more information:

COVID-19 Self-care Guide 

The purpose of this guide is to help you in taking the best decisions for your own health and the health of your close friends and family during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus (COVID‑19) information line:
819 644-4545
1 877 644-4545 (toll-free)

Caregiver Info Service:
1 855 852-7784


Educational websites

You will find a wealth of resources to learn, create, have fun and move, much like at school. Everyone can make their own course according to their level of education and their knowledge. 


Community resources

List of different resources and services offered in the region :


Police – Firefighters – Ambulance    911
Evacuation Programs (PNAP) – Régie incendie Memphrémagog Est : FORM
(Program for people who need special assistance to evacuate in case of a fire)
Info-Santé/Info-Social    811
CALACS – Center for help and fight against sexual assaults  819 563-9999
JEVI – Estrie / Suicide Prevention Center    1 866 277-3553
SOS Violence conjugale    1 800 363-9010
Aide Abus Aînés    1 888 489-2287

Multi services:

Centre d’aide communautaire de Lennoxville    819 821-4779
Corporation de développement communautaire (CDC) Memphrémagog    819 847-1277
Ressources Estrie
CAB-Sherbrooke (Volunteer Center)     819 823-6598
CAB-Magog (Volunteer Center)     819 843-8138


CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS Magog    819 843-2572
CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS
Tandem (Center for Social Pediatrics in Community)     819 868-2743


Banque alimentaire Memphrémagog (Food bank)    819 868-4438
Service d’aide alimentaire de Sherbrooke    819 993-9971
Popote roulante Lennoxville    819 821-4779


Comptoir familial Magog    819 349-6760
Comptoir familial de Sherbrooke    819 569-5336
Estrie Aide    819 346-9714


Service de transport MRC de Memphrémagog (Adapted and collective transport)    819 843-3350
Memphré covoiturage (Ridesharing service)
Amigo Express (Ridesharing service)


Aide au budget    819 868-4438
Association coopérative d’économie familiale de l’Estrie (ACEF Estrie)     819 563-8144
Solution budget plus (Sherbrooke)     819 563 0535
Legal assistance Magog    819 843-4555
Centre Communautaire juridique de l’Estrie    819 563-6122
Coopérative de solidarité de services à domicile Memphrémagog    819 843-8842
Coopérative de services à domicile de l’Estrie    819 823-0093
Service Canada    1 800 622-6232
Services Québec    819 843-6588  /  1 800 363-4531

Help lines:

Interligne 24 h/7 (Sexual and gender diversity)     1 888 505-1010
Ligne Parents 24 h/7    1 800 361-5085
Secours-Amitié Estrie    819 564-2323
Tel-Jeunes 24 h/7    1 800 263-2266

Other resources:

Info-Aidant de l’APPUI Estrie    1 855 852-7784
Centre des femmes    819 868-0302
Centre l’Élan    819 843-8885
Équipe Ressources Relais    819 580-8588
Maison de la Famille Memphrémagog    819 868-0145
Maison des jeunes l’Exit    819 847-1647
MomentHom – Men’s Support Center     819 563-0303
Société Alzheimer de l’Estrie    819 821-5127
SOS Grossesse Estrie    819 822-1181
AQDR (Défense des droits des personnes retraitées et préretraitées)     819 868-2342
Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Memphrémagog    81 843-3007
Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Sherbrooke    819 565-2722
Conseil des Aveugles de Memphrémagog    819-868-0091
Cuisines collectives «Bouchée Double»     819 868-2153
Cuisines collectives Le Blé d’Or de Sherbrooke    819 820-1231
Han-Droits (Defending the rights of persons with disabilities)     819 868-0299
Le Train des mots (Learn to read)     819 993-6193
Orientation Travail    819 843-3001
Villa Pierrot (Single mothers)     819 868-1114
Zone libre (Dependency prevention)     819 847-2545
Service d’aide aux Néo-Canadiens    819 566-5373

School boards:

There are two school boards for Canton de Hatley residents:

Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke (francophone)
2955, University Boulevard
Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1K 2Y3
Tel. : 819 822-5540

Eastern Townships school board (anglophone)
340, Saint-Jean-Bosco Street
Magog (Quebec) J1X 1K9
Tel.: 819 868-3100

Equijustice Estrie:

Struggling with a conflict?
Wether it be a neighbourhood problem, interpersonal or with an organization, everyone has to deal with conflict at some point. To help manage the situation,  citizen mediation can help. Citizen mediation is a conflict management style for and by citizens conducted by volunteeer mediators who have received training by Équijustice Estrie, an organization for alternative justice.

437, rue Wellington Sud, Sherbrooke (Québec) J1H 5E2
819 565-2559 • [email protected]

Médiation citoyenne de Memphrémagog: 819 481-1507

Place aux jeunes Memphrémagog:

Welcome to Canton de Hatley!
Place aux jeunes Memphrémagog is a service offered to all people aged 18 to 35 wishing to establish themselves in our region.   It is our mission to promote life in the region and to facilitate establishing oneself in the Memphémagog region.  In brief, it is a personalized support for each person to make their project of moving onto the region become reality.

Contact our migration agent at 819-843-3007 extension 226 / [email protected]
or visit the web site :