Recreation policy

Surtax refund

The municipality now refunds 100% of the surtax paid (non-resident tax) when registering for recreational activities, up to    150 $ per child per year.

Admissible expenses

All recreational, cultural and sports activities are admissible, except those already offered by the Canton de Hatley.

Day camp activity is also eligible for the surcharge refund (non-resident tax).


Only children of 17 years or younger that live in Canton de Hatley are admissible to a refund.  Proof of residence required.

You  must submit the original receipt, identified by the organisation or municipality and signed by an authorized representative.

A minimal amount of 25 $ of surtax per child is required to obtain a refund.  It is possible to cumulate receipts during the year to reach the minimum amount.

Deadline December 31

All refund requests must be made during the same year as the registration date. That means all refund requests for a given year must be submitted by December 31st.

For a refund request, please contact Mrs. Annie Deshaies by email at: [email protected] or at the municipal office. A cheque will be sent to you by mail.