Voluntary glass depot

Where : Town Hall parking, 4765 chemin de Capelton
When : Starting June 3rd 2019
Schedule : accessible at all times

Accepted : glass bottles clear or colored, glass food containers

Refused : dishes, drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, light bulbs, neon lights

A dedicated container for glass recovery

The Municipality of the Township of Hatley is innovating by recovering glass selectively. A specialized container for collecting glass is now available in the municipality’s parking lot. This collection is done on a voluntary basis and aims to recycle domestic glass (bottles including wine and glass containers of all kinds excluding dishes, light bulbs and glass). According to Recyc-Québec, only 14% of the glass would be recovered in Quebec.

👉 Please remove lids and caps (no metal and plastic, only glass)

Please note that glass containers are still accepted in the blue bins.

What are the reasons that justify this choice ?

First, you must know that glass is an infinitely recyclable material. Indeed, when the glass is melted to create another, only 20% of new sand resource is used. Thus, by recovering a ton of glass, we save 0.7 tons of sand. In addition, making glass with glass saves about 30% of the energy.

Currently, glass placed in blue bins contaminates some recyclable materials which divert these materials to landfill. In addition, some of the glass recovered in our blue bins is used as aggregates between landfill waste layers rather than recycled. Finally, for the municipality, the costs of this recovery of glass using a container are largely paid for by offsets for recycling collection from Recyc-Québec.