Boat Stickers

2024 Boat stickers

Before launching any boat (motor boat, rowboat, canoe, kayak, etc.) on Lake Massawippi, each citizen must obtain a user’s certificate (sticker). This sticker only allows free boat washing at one of the 2 washing stations (North Hatley or Ayer’s Cliff) and does not include the boat launch or the parking.

Issuance of boat stickers
Considering the discovery of the zebra mussel in Lake Massawippi in the fall of 2021 as well as the relentless efforts of Bleu Massawippi, the Régie du Parc Régional Massawippi and the lakeside municipalities in order to slow down and hopefully eradicate the propagation of the zebra mussel in Lake Massawippi, the Régie has modified the conditions for the issuance of the user’s certificates:

A resident must provide, as in previous years, a proof of residence as well as a proof of ownership of the boat (permit issued by Transport Canada).

A section of the certificate allows the resident whose boats do not leave the lake to sign in order to act as the first wash certificate.

A non-resident who does not have a mooring place (dock) on Lake Massawippi cannot obtain a sticker. Therefore, a non-resident who takes his or her boat out of the water after each use must obtain a wash certificate ($30 for motorized or with trailer / $5 for non-motorized without trailer) at a wash station to be able to put his or her boat in the water, each time.

A non-resident with a mooring place (dock) on Lake Massawippi must provide proof of rental or occupation of a site on the lake (ex.: lease) to obtain a sticker.

Obtaining a sticker

Save time! Contact us ahead!
If you have several boats, please send us an e-mail before coming to collect your boat stickers. This allows employees to prepare them and avoids having you wait. Email : [email protected] or call 819-842-2977. You can also come to the Town Hall during our opening hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., to complete the permit request and make payment.

For new boats,, you must provide the following information: your name and address (with proof of residence), type of boat, make, length, color, and for motorized boats over 9.9 HP, a copy of the boat permit issued by Transport Canada.

The stickers will be issued upon receipt of payment by cheque (at the office, by mail or deposited in the outside mailbox of the City Hall), by debit or in cash when picking up your stickers.


Resident: $40 / $25 additional boat (with proof of boat ownership)
Non-resident: $350 (with proof of mooring/wharf)

Non-motorized boat
Resident: $5
Non-resident: $5 (with proof of mooring/wharf)