Septic tank cleaning

Next septic tank cleaning: summer 2024
You will receive a personalized notice approximately 2 weeks before scheduled pumping.

Since 2004, the municipality has managed the pumping of septic tanks. They are emptied every two years, in even years. The cost is billed to the annual tax bill.

By-law 2019-07 septic tank cleaning

Flyer septic tank cleaning

Why clean the septic tank?

The provincial Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings states that septic tanks should be cleaned on a regular basis. Regulation no 2019-07 determines:

  • The frequency of septic tank cleaning is every two years
  • The cost of septic tank cleaning is charged on the annual tax account
  • Cleaning a septic tank outside of the municipal program is at the owner’s expense and does not exempt the owner from the  municipal program
  • The owner receives notice of the time of tank cleaning
  • The owner must allow the contractor to clean his septic tank
  • The owner must locate and clear the covers of the septic tank when receiving the tank cleaning notice

By systematically cleaning all the municipality’s septic tanks  every two years, we protect the environment. Furthermore, cleaning your septic tank on a regular basis may increase the life span of your waste water disposal system and help detect specific problems.

Selective cleaning technology

In the Canton de Hatley, septic tanks are cleaned using a selective cleaning technology, that is all organic waste and sludge is removed whereas the liquid is returned to the tank.   The benefits are:

  • Maintains the bacterial flora that ensures an optimal operation of the system;
  • Returns to the tank a liquid that is cleared of up to 99% of its organic waste;
  • Reduces by 80% the volume of waste that needs to be transported.

Owner responsibility

Preparing the tank
The two tank covers must be excavated and a perimeter of 15 cm (6 inches) should be cleared to the level of the tank to allow the lids to be removed easily and to avoid dirt falling into the tank.

Tie the dog
Please respect the employee that does the septic tank cleaning and keep your dog inside or tied .  Also, protect your animal from any spillage that may come from the tank cleaning.

Clear the way
The contractor must have free and clear access to your septic tank.  A width of 4,2 meters (14 feet) and a height of 4,2 meters (14 feet) is needed.
To do your part, you must:

  • Open all gates (14’ width opening)
  • Take down the clothesline if necessary
  • Clear toys and bicycles out of the way
  • If possible, remove the car
  • If necessary, cut tree branches
  • Make sure the contractor’s vehicle can get within 40 m (147 feet) from the opening of your septic tank

Are you traveling this summer?
Please prepare your tank before you leave!Notice that your presence is not required, once completed a notice will be left at your residence.

You have a effluent filter?
Don’t forget to clean it! It is recommand to clean it up twice a year. A little trick: clean it up when it’s time to change the hour! This simple cleaning will help your septic tank and your tile field to work at their best!