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Important notice concerning the thaw period

Partial road closures are expected during the thaw, starting April 2, to allow for urgent localized repairs during the week.
Like every year, the thaw period causes damage to roads in Canton de Hatley, making driving difficult in some places. In some years, the deterioration is more pronounced, depending on weather conditions.
The public works team keeps a constant watch on all roads, and makes temporary repairs in areas deemed to be the most problematic. 
While some urgent work is possible during the thaw period, the fundamental and widespread grading of gravel roads cannot be carried out. The road is too unstable, being water-laden and partially frozen. Levelling can only begin once the road has largely thawed and dried out.
If you notice any damage to a road, please notify the Municipality at 819-842-2977 or by filling out the form at…/infor…/request-or-complaint/
The Municipality of the Canton de Hatley wishes to inform you that this year’s thaw period will run from March 4 to April 26, 2024. This period may be modified without notice by the MTQ, and it is your responsibility to check the dates. During this period, we would be grateful if you would reduce the number of trips you make on the municipality’s roads, in order to minimize damage caused by heavy trucking on thawing roads.
The Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable reminds heavy vehicle users and shippers that authorized load limits are reduced on all public roads during the thaw period. This is done every year to take into account the lower load-bearing capacity of the road network during this period.
For more information, please consult this link:…/periode-degel.aspx
Thank you for your cooperation.