In the Canton, let’s buy local!

In the Canton, let’s buy local!

Spring is arriving very fast et we already are thinking about our summer activities.   To encourage our local businesses and enterprises, don`t hesitate to consult our internet site to discover the inns, restaurants and the food industry. You will be pleasantly surprised by the resources that exist in the Canton. Have a great Spring! 

The sun is warmer and the renovation season is starting to appear… what resources do we have in Canton de Hatley?

Have you had all winter to think about it and don’t know how to take the next step or who to turn to? Look no further. Whether it is to plan a construction or to renovate and refresh your home, interior or exterior, we have in the Canton many resources that are worth exploring. Why look any further? From plan design, excavation and construction, to interior finishing, plumbing and electrical, to landscaping, the Township hides many talents and skills that should not be overlooked. You can also find materials here, such as gravel, earth and solid wood, laying of chimneys, masonry as well as equipment used at all steps of construction. Let’s show our solidarity with our local businesses.




The Canton and its population wholeheartedly thank the traders, businesses and artists who continue, despite the obstacles they have encountered for several months, to offer their quality products and personalized services. Let us remind our residents and those in the surrounding area how important it is to encourage our merchants, our local artisans and artists. It is more time than ever to show our solidarity with them.

There is no shortage of variety and talent: food products, specialties, artistic and craft works as well as services to our population. Too many choices? Several merchants offer gift certificates. By visiting or contacting them, you will show them that the people of the Canton de Hatley stand in solidarity with them in these important times of mutual aid.
We also invite our local businesses to validate their information on this list and send us their logo, as well as a photo of their product, by email to