Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week takes place from October 3 to 9 on the theme “You are first in charge!”. Knowing that 13 homes per day are damaged by fires and that half of these are related to distraction or human error, the importance for everyone of adopting safe behavior takes on its full meaning here.

This is why the ministère de la Sécurité publique, in partnership with fire safety services, wishes to recall valuable advice to anchor these good practices in our habits.

Since the smoke alarm is the only way to be notified in time in the event of a fire, it is important to check that it is working properly at least twice a year, when the time changes. There must be one per floor, including in the basement.

And we must not wait for a tragedy to occur to prepare a family evacuation plan. For each room, we must identify two accessible exits, such as a door and a window. The corridors leading to the exits indicated must always be kept free of access and the meeting point outside must be known to all members of the family.

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👉 Visit the Quéévention-incendies website to learn more about prevention methods.