Safe Holidays

Safe Holidays

The holiday season will soon be here and that means trees, garlands and lights as part of the decor, both inside and outside your home. Because we want you and your loved ones to spend quality time in a safe environment, here are a few fire prevention tips for this festive time of year.

Christmas Tree Prevention:
It only takes 30 seconds for a tree to light on fire. It is thus very important to take the following precautions to avoid such a situation:

  • If you are using a natural tree, it is preferable to choose a freshly-cut tree. The needles are green and do not fall off easily;
  • Opt for an artificial tree;
  • Slice off the bottom of the tree, even if you buy a pre-cut tree. The new cut will help the tree absorb humidity;

La nouvelle coupe aidera l’arbre à absorber l’humidité;

  • Place the tree in a water recipient that is always kept full;
  • Install the tree at least 1 metre from any heat source;
  • Always shut off the lights when you leave your home.

Decoration Prevention:

  • Use lights that are CSA or ULC approved;
  • Ensure lights are in good condition;
  • Check manufacturer instructions when installing Christmas lights;
  • Do not use decorations designed for indoor use outside;
  • Use approved extension cords;
  • Never place extension cords in a high-traffic area. Install the tree and other electric decorations near electrical outlets, so as to avoid using extension cords;
  • Do not hide extension cords under carpets or area rugs;
  • Do not pass extension cords in doorways. The cord’s insulation could be damaged if the door is closed on it.
  • Do not overload outlets or extension cords. Use a power bar instead.
  • Only use one extension cord at a time. Do not plug extension cords end-to-end.

Other Advice:

  • Alway keep walkways free, both indoors and outside;
  • Identify the exits when you visit family, friends or reception halls. The main building entrance may not be accessible in the case of an emergency;
  • Ensure that smoke detectors are functioning properly. Smoke detectors are the fastest and most efficient way to detect a fire and save lives;
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers and ensure they are functional at all times. However, in the case of fire, never take risks. Call firefighters immediately.

Best wishes for a SAFE Christmas season filled with joy and happiness.

A message from your Fire Safety Service